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Where the beauty of nature and old-world charm blend with the hustle and bustle of progressive and diverse commerce, providing an ideal setting for business.

Brookhollow Business Park is a mixed-use commercial and office complex located in Santa Ana, Orange County, California — providing an ideal community for businesses to thrive and grow.       Learn More…

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Brookhollow Office Park is a smoke and vape free environment, except for designated areas. For approved smoking areas, please click HERE. no-smoking-symbol

AyZar Design

AyZar is proud to offer professional Design services in:

  • Construction
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Exterior Design

Our extensive experience at Brookhollow will benefit any design projects on your plate. Click the image for more information.


Brookhollow Box O’ Books!

Announcing the arrival of the first free library, the Brookhollow Box O’ Books, dedicated by AyZar Inc. Please don’t be shy to visit the library and donate a book or borrow one. Should you like to have your donated book featured, please send an email and we will do so via News Alert. We only ask that all books donated are in good taste, respectful of all people and with positive messages. Books not in keeping with a positive spirit will be withdrawn from the box and returned to donor if known, otherwise kept at Management Office for retrieval.

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